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Bruno Pernadas

O disco do Pernadas é hoje editado. O concerto de apresentação é no Maria Matos, dia 16 de Abril.

Thurston Moore

In 2012 i had the opportunity to take 5 quick photos of Thurston Moore.
2 years have passed and he's now using them as promo photos. 

Today i saw him playing for the 5th time with Steve Shelley and James Sedwards. It was amazing and soooo cool. It's a pleasure to see someone playing like they have just discovered the power of and electric guitar and a drum set for the first time, just like Thurston and Steve did today.

Printed the photo and for the first time in my life i asked someone for an autograph. 
Felt like a kid and the luckiest photographer in the room. 
Thanks Mr. Moore, thank you Eva, thank you ZDB and most of all.. thank you Sérgio!


Control Unit - ZDB

na ZDB, a abrir para o Thruston Moore.