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Julianna Barwick

Back in 2007 i was at Lisbon airport waiting, next to Sérgio, for Julianna. We've never seen each other and our connection was only myspace, her music and Sérgio's radio show at my uni radio station.

Who would have expected that 9 years later Lisbon would be so important for this girl life, who would say that i would have the grace of calling such talented and wonderful girl "my friend".

Her new album "Will" is out. Half of it was finished in Lisbon, late September 2015, when we took these photos. I was away travelling around Spain by myself, Sérgio super busy with his kid and Jules used her days at HAUS to finish her album. Coincidences, conversations via iphone and it all ended up being perfect.

And then in Lisbon – Lisbon is one of my most favorite places on Earth and has some of my most favorite people on Earth, and I kind of feel I like I got my start there in a way.

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