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I've never went to a Cheryl party! Never happened. I've had seen pictures, people told me about what went on and even had friends showing me the aftermath in their clothes.
5 nights ago a friend emailed me saying that the group was doing a residency at ZDB with people from Volkov Commanders - they called themselves SUPERGROUP.

They were preparing and filming a new video for PAUS. 

For three days i had the chance to see things passing from photos printed in some sheets to cool masks and small plans falling into a crazy black and white cardboard set. 

Last night a party was held at ZDB. Everyone was invited to Be PAUS and dance.

I did the same i always do. Went there to take pictures and be amazed by what a group of people can do when creativity runs gracefully in their head.

The following pictures show that day by day evolution and the party.

Thank you CHERYL for ruining my life. 

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