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Thurston Moore

In 2012 i had the opportunity to take 5 quick photos of Thurston Moore.
2 years have passed and he's now using them as promo photos. 

Today i saw him playing for the 5th time with Steve Shelley and James Sedwards. It was amazing and soooo cool. It's a pleasure to see someone playing like they have just discovered the power of and electric guitar and a drum set for the first time, just like Thurston and Steve did today.

Printed the photo and for the first time in my life i asked someone for an autograph. 
Felt like a kid and the luckiest photographer in the room. 
Thanks Mr. Moore, thank you Eva, thank you ZDB and most of all.. thank you Sérgio!



Anonymous said...

Great photos!

emi said...


Kmeto said...

Awesome photos. Thank you :)

Kmeto said...

Awesome photos. Thank you :)